May 2009

The Ministry of Truth has come to Woolwich

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

As a huge screen undergoes testing in General Gordon Square in Woolwich, Conservatives today drew comparisons between George Orwell’s picture of a totalitarian state and Greenwich Council’s policies.

Success for Avery Hill Park

Local Conservatives welcomed the news that Avery Hill Park was successful in winning £400,000 of funding from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The money will go towards the improvement of local facilities, and the historic features of the park as well as new provision for young people to enjoy this wonderful asset within our local community.

Colin Bloom stands up for Plumstead

Colin Bloom is the Parliamentary Spokesman for the Conservative Party in Erith & Thamesmead. Married with four children, Colin is actively involved in his local church, council and charities. Colin has been helping Plumstead residents to object to the planning decision to build a huge social housing scheme on Kings Highway in Plumstead.

More Police, Lower Council Tax

Greenwich Conservatives’ proposals to introduce more police and reduce Council Tax were rejected by Labour as part of the annual budget debate in the spring.  

Crime in Abbey Wood

Abbey Wood is a beautiful, thriving and diverse community, but it has suffered from rising crime rates in the past year. Burglary is up 15% and a third more people have been arrested for carrying offensive weapons.
Local activist Richard Chandler says, “Abbey Wood can remain a vibrant community only if the

Cllr A Wilson & Cllr Spencer Drury inspect graded glass put down by Greenwich Council

Cllr A Wilson & Cllr Spencer Drury inspect graded glass put down by Greenwich Council during the recent cold snap at the begining of the year. After speaking the the council the Council's Cleansweep dept has removed the glass.

Cllr Fletcher visits the May Fayre

On Monday Eltham North Councillor Nigel Fletcher went along to the May Fayre at the Well Hall Pleasaunce.  Nigel spoke with the new leaseholders for the Tudor Barn and with the Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce.  More details can be found on Nigel's blog

Cllr Drury responds to dog control orders consultation

This weekend Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury responded to Greenwich Council’s consultation on introducing new dog control orders. These rules will fine people who allow their dogs to foul the borough but fail to clean up after them and will require all dogs to be on a lead except in certain specified places.

Eltham North Councillors at Great Get Together

Eltham North Councillors Spencer Drury and Nigel Fletcher attended the Great Get Together at the old polytechnic ground where Blackheath Rugby Club now play.  It was a beautiful sunny day - so almost no one came in to speak to their Councillors!

Labour leaves Woolwich Estates to rot

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Children forced to go to Greenwich Schools?

Legislation introduced by the Labour government could be used to stop children living in Greenwich attending good schools in other boroughs. In January Labour’s schools adjudicator decided to stop around 70 students in Rugby crossing the boundary from Northamptonshire to Warwickshire because it undermined comprehensives in the former county.

Hervey Road Sports Field Update

Kidbrooke Councillors Andy Jennings and Graeme Coombes have met with local groups interested in using the ground. And recently Andy has obtained documents relating to the Council’s tentative proposals to develop the land. This follows a motion put forward by Andy and Graeme to a packed Council meeting which called on the Council to secure the field for sporting use.

Council fails again on Lido

Greenwich Council has reneged on its promise about the future of Hornfair Lido after Labour Planning Committee members approved plans for its redevelopment, without consulting local residents as agreed. Cllr Graeme Coombes, who attended the planning meeting requested Councillors consult further with residents living next to the Lido, to take on board local concerns before agreeing any plans.

Council to close Charlotte Turner primary school

In January Labour decided to consult on whether to close Charlotte Turner School in Deptford which had just been placed in Special Measures. The response to the consultation was overwhelming, with only 1 of 156 responses agreeing with the closure. However, the Labour Party decided to ignore the consultation and press ahead with the closure.

Refuse collection a failure?

For the past year Local Councillors have received a large number of calls and emails regarding the new refuse
collection system. As a result of pressure from Conservatives on this issue, the Council was forced to replace black bags with black top bins.

Labour leaves Woolwich Estates to rot

Conservatives in Greenwich today revealed that Labour’s plans to rebuild three estates are stalled and residents will have to live in poor quality homes and badly designed estates for years as a result of Council incompetence and inactivity. Despite planning to borrow £30m to reach the Decent Homes target for Council homes across the borough, 1,000 homes in Woolwich will be left untouched.

News from around Eltham North

Cllr Dermot Poston attended the Annual General Meetings of the Friends of Eltham Park and the Eltham Park Residents’ Association. One of the topics raised there was the replacement of the mini-roundabout outside
the Conservative Office on Westmount Road with another speed table. Your Councillors have been working to ensure that the consultation is properly conducted after some confusion about the dates of the meetings.

Olympic Consultation in Greenwich Park

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Councillors' Expenses

At the March Council meeting Conservative Group Leader Councillor Spencer Drury asked for a full list of claims by Councillors for expenses to be made public for each of the last three financial years. Two months later, given the situation so many MPs now find themselves in, Greenwich Conservatives have chosen to voluntarily publish the individual expenses claims for the Greenwich Council Conse

Conservatives making a difference

Your Conservative Action Team will be working with community groups in helping to make improvements to our local area. This will include helping out in our parks as well as litter picks and working with interested groups in improving local facilities. Adam Thomas said ‘Conservatives care about our local environment.

Expenses for Greenwich Councillors

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Belmarsh Prison Expansion

Belmarsh prison is to experience a large expansion, almost doubling its capacity for inmates. The decision has been taken with little public consultation in the surrounding areas. Currently, more than 40% of former
inmates move into the local communities of Abbey Wood, Plumstead and Thamesmead.
76% of these go on to re-offend. The expansion will almost certainly lead to a rise in crime. Conservative Parliamentary spokesman Colin Bloom says, “Belmarsh will soon be one of the biggest prisons in Europe,

Improvements at last for Master Gunner Estate

Measures designed to improve the Master Gunner Estate have been implemented at last. Baker Road, which suffered years of potholes, has been completely resurfaced, with speed bumps to slow traffic. The road is owned by the QE Hospital Trust, which many local residents believe had failed to maintain the road.

New Conservative Action Team for Eltham South

Conservative councillors representing residents in Eltham South have been joined by new Action Team members, Adam Thomas and Matt Clare, to help them fight for residents’ interests on the council. Matt lives locally in Tarnwood Park and is a Director of the residents’ association.

Conservative pressure reduces Council rents

In January, Greenwich’s Labour Council voted through a 6.2% increase in rents for Council tenants in the face of strong opposition from the Conservatives. Conservatives argued that 6% was too high and based on the wrong inflation figure, but Labour ignored the suffering this increase would cause.

Conservatives demand a new bus stop

Conservatives are supporting calls for a new bus stop for the 202 on Lee Road near the junction with Blackheath Park to serve those who, especially the many older residents, currently have to negotiate a long, steep climb from the Blackheath Village stop.

Conservative pressure pays off for Eltham High Street

Eltham Conservatives were celebrating the 2009 budget after the Labour Council admitted that our town centre had been neglected for too long and allocated £250,000 to setting up a regeneration team for the next four years.

Conservatives back ‘Save the Pub’ Campaign

Greenwich & Woolwich's Parliamentary Spokesman Spencer Drury has backed the campaigns to “Save the Great British Pub” With nearly 6 pubs closing every day of the week and 2,000 shutting nationally in the last year, the ’Axe the Tax’ campaign is campaigning to stop Chancellor putting even more tax on beer.

Methadone Clinic in Eltham?

May's SEnine magazine ( carried an article about the establishment of a methadone clinic on Well Hall Road near to the station. The plans apparently meant that a 24 hour drug clinic would be created away from the main chemists to allow addicts to get their drugs in private.

Consultation meeting over Greenwich Park

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Fighting Law Centre Closure

Peninsula Conservatives spent the early part of this year collecting more than 100 signatures on a petition opposing the centralisation of Community Law Centres in Woolwich. This would mean Greenwich Community Law Centre would close.

Conservative pressure reduces Council rents

In January, Greenwich’s Labour Council voted through a 6.2% increase in rents for Council tenants in the face of strong opposition from the Conservatives. Conservatives argued that 6% was too high and based on the wrong inflation figure, but Labour ignored the suffering this increase would cause.

Olympics may shut local roads

Conservatives have responded to government proposals to close roads across Greenwich and Woolwich during the Olympics. The proposals cover roads around and between the shooting events in Woolwich and the equestrian competition in Greenwich Park.

Labour’s answer to dirty streets - £2m on managers

At the end of 2008 Labour decided to spend another £2m on propping up the ailing street sweeping system. The Labour Cabinet heard boasts about vast improvements in the service from over a third of  roads below acceptable standards for litter and detritus in 2006/07 to one fifth of all roads in 2007/08.

Time for Change

Gordon Brown promised British jobs for British workers – yet every day people are losing their jobs and businesses are going bust. This recession is the worst in living memory, made worse by Gordon  Brown’s failure to use the good times to put something aside for the downturn. The Government’s response to the crisis has been to throw money – our money – at the problem.

Working with TfL on A2 closure

Greenwich Conservatives have been working with Transport for London (TfL) to ensure that the  roadworks on the A2 are completed as quickly as possible. They wrote to residents across Greenwich and Charlton about the disruption and have been passing on residents’ views to Boris and the Greater London Authority.


Conservatives get glass used as grit removed from streets

In the cold snap after Christmas, the Council decided to put down broken glass on the pavements around Greenwich instead of grit. Over a month later in March the glass still lay in patches around various streets and Conservatives led by parliamentary spokesman Spencer Drury have been organising street cleaning in the worst affected areas.

Local Conservative puts up Neighbourhood Watch signs

In April, James Garry, Conservative Spokesman for Charlton, helped to fix the first Neighbourhood Watch signs to lampposts in Eastcombe Avenue. The newly founded Neighbourhood Watch scheme will help to raise awareness about crime & safety in Eastcombe Avenue and surrounding areas.

A plan to improve schools

It’s a sad fact that Greenwich isn’t blessed with many good state maintained schools. Yet education is the most powerful means by which our children can be given the freedom to shape their future.

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