March 2009

Speed Table proposed for Westmount Road

Greenwich Council are currently sending out a consultation document to ask residents about their opinions concerning the construction of a speed table at the junction of Glenlea Road and Westmount Road (where there is currently a mini-roundabout). 

Spencer and Greenwich West Campaign Team member Simon Gallie out canvassing on Saturday

On Saturday Greenwich West Conservatives carried out a survey to see how people in their area had been hit by the recession.  The results were fascinating and in addition, there was substantial comment about the traffic problems in the area at present.

Labour reject Conservative proposals for increased police numbers and reduced council tax

At Wednesday's Budget meeting Labour and Liberal Democrat members voted against Conservative proposals to create a ‘Town Centre Police Team’ in the borough and to reduce Council Tax.

Glass used as grit is still laying on the street

Earlier this month a local resident alerted me to the fact that the Council was using small pieces of glass as grit when the snow fell.  I raised this and it went in many of the local papers where residents from across the borough outlined why they thought it was a stupid idea, including it will stick to your shoes and scratch wooden floors, kids will make snowballs with it in and it will puncture bike tyres.  One of the other problems is that it isn't being cleaned up and on Saturday I found some of this laying on the pavement and in the roads around Blackheath Westcombe ward - I wonder ho

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