March 2008

Conservatives fight for local Post Office

At the March Council meeting Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury presented a petition signed by over 650 people opposing the closure of the Sub Post Office at 263 Eltham High Street.

Last Post? Labour axe our Post Offices

Greenwich was hit hard by the last round of closures, and now a further five local Post Offices are set to shut their doors. 

Archery Road petitions reported back to Council

Council agrees to further traffic survey but rejects speed humps   At February’s full Council meeting reports were received on petitions presented by Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury on behalf of residents of Archery Road. The two petitions requested a width restriction at the end of Glenlea Road (to prevent lorries and coaches using the road as a cut through) and humps along the road (to reduce the speed traffic was travelling at).  

Conservatives fight cuts at the Queen Elizabeth

At the February Council meeting Conservative Councillors objected to the cuts to hospitals across South East London (and t

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