January 2006

Former candidate defects from Liberal Democrats

Today's Independent reports that Adrian Graves, the former Lib Dem candidate for London South Inner in the European

David Cameron's proposals to help the voluntary sector

Greenwich Conservatives this week welcome the proposals by the new Conservative leader, David Cameron, to tackle social breakdown and help charities and the voluntary sector. 


Reduction in Police Constables under Labour

Newly published government figures show the number of special police constables employed by the Met has fallen by 57% since 1997. Special constables are voluntary uniformed police officers and assist regular police officers in frontline policing duties.

Cattle-class travel and rising fares: raw deal for Greenwich

As people in Greenwich return to work after the Christmas and New Year break, your local Conservatives are raising our concerns about levels of over-crowding on the trains and rising rail fares.


Proposed Swimming Pool is Not Up to Standard

The specifications for the swimming pool in the new £20 million leisure complex at Sun Yard in Eltham have been criticised as not being up to standard and a missed opportunity.   Conservative Councillors in Greenwich have said that the new development would have been an ideal time to provide new and improved facilities which would benefit the whole of Greenwich.  However the proposed plans do n

Cameron Leads the Way

Greenwich Conservatives would like to welcome David Cameron as the new leader of the Conservative party.  Th

Troubles Mount at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Last summer, just after the general election, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) announced the closure of a 25 bed u

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