Caroline Attfield

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich

Caroline Attfield has been a Blackheath resident for 20 years. She has had a 30 year career in the financial sector, the first 15 in senior executive positions and for the last 15 years running her own business offering sales management and risk management advice to the financial sector. She is a guest speaker at UCL and is currently mentoring 2 technology start up companies. She has been married to Jonathan for 27 years and have two children at University.

Caroline says ‘I witnessed at first hand how the economic reforms of the Thatcher years regenerated the ailing economy of the 3 day week. It's clear that the Labour party are more interested in fighting each other, if elected as your MP I'll fight for Greenwich and Woolwich.

She considers herself a European. She has extensive family of cousins in France speaks fluent French.  She was a candidate for MEP for London in 2014.

Caroline says ’This does not mean that I like what the EU has become. It represents so much of the socialist leaning, controlling, interfering form of government that I grew up hating. We had a brave effort to start a process of reform in 2015 and found that it is a juggernaut that cannot turn. The EU will not change and I look forward to a time in which we can write our own laws and decide our own financial priorities.

In addition to her busy career Caroline chaired the PTA at her daughter’s school for 4 years and has been on the executive of East Lewisham Connservatives for most of the last 10 years.